The famous Canadian Sphynx was created by mother Nature in 1966 in Toronto from a domestic cat who gave birth to one hairless kitten. The Sphynx is a unique and magical breed from a natural genetic mutation which stoped the growth of the hair, creating a nude cat. The soft baby like skin makes them adorable. They kind of feel like a warm suede hot water bottle, warm because them skin temperature is actually 4 degrees higher than most other breeds

This breed is strong and the cats are medium size. Sphynx come in a lot of colors and because they don't have hair, its the pigment in the skin that dictates the color. The Sphynx eat a little more than a regular cat creating the energy they need to e warm. Because there is no hair you get to see the wrinkles and all the forms of the body. The Sphynx give you an idea of what most cats look like without fur. Their body is muscular with nice lines, with long and fine legs, they are a powerful cat. The head should be very angular, the eyes almond shaped, strong pronounced cheekbones and large pointed ears. The Sphynx could be consider hypoallergenic, and they have the same life expectancy as other breeds. 


What the Sphynx need :

- like children sphynx need sun screen to protect their skin

- Regular bathing is required

- A regular cleaning of the eyes and ears

- Cuddles !

Sphynx are extremely inquisitive, affectionate and social. This cats love the company of people and they are great with children, with other cats and dogs. They love to be held and cuddled, often wanting to be near your face for kisses. These special and unquec looking Extra Terrestrial cats make the perfect companion.