Persians are one the oldest cat breeds, going back to the 1600's from Iran. For centuries they were royal pets in France, Italy and England. Persians were favorite of the Queen Victoria.


In he XIX century, this breed was introduced to the US and since then they have become the most popular cat in the world. This cat is probably most well known for there unforgettable face. They have a short flat face, the eyes brows and the nose should all be lined up. This breed loves kisses and having their little flat nose rubbed, the personality is almost comedic. They have a luxurious long coat. It is the longest of any cat breed. Created by a combination of a long undercoat and top coat. The Persians are known for being really easy going cats, not overly active or aggressive.  

They are none as the lounge lezard, this pure angels will leave peacefully with other cats, dogs and children. Persians live to be between 15 and 20 years old and need weekly grooming.

Persians are the perfect family cat. We have different breeding programs with Persians and Exotic Shorthair : white and bicolore odd eyes. Our King Picasso is an extremely rare Persian, from the lines Dayoh Wishtar with a pedigree of 10 continuous generations of pure Persians bicolor odd eyes cats.