The Exotic is a really striking cat, very popular and easy going. These soft sweet round looking cats are affectionate and are nick named the lazy mans Persian. The Exotic is basically a Persian without the long hair.

This is a very quite cat, not overly active but loves companionship. They can be very loyal to one person, often picking one family member for companionship. One of the most endearing aspects of their personalities is that they are always happy.


The Exotic Shorthair is a mix between the Persian and the American Shorthair. They are a medium to large sized breed with a, muscular body, a male can weight 6 kg (14 pounds) and a female between 2,7 and 4,5 kg (6 to 10 pounds).

They have a soft plush coat which gives them a very round face. Their head are big, large and flat, with a short thick neck. They look like a little Teddy Bear, with a flat face and big round eyes. They need weekly grooming.

The Exotic is calm, sweet and loves to play. They are very socialble with other cats, dogs and children. This little Teddy Bear cat is a perfect pet friend.

We have different breeding programs with Persians and Exotic Shorthair : white and bicolore odd eyes. Our King Picasso is an extremely rare Persian, from the lines Dayoh Wishtar with a pedigree of 10 continuous generations of pure Persians bicolor odd eyes cats.