The Elf is the Exotic Sphynx with curled ears. The Elf cat is a born in 2007 in USA with a cross breeding between a Sphynx and an American Curl.  They are a new breed that is registered as an experimental breed in the international cats associations

This breed was compared to Peter Pan because of his ears and his caracter. Today they are also compared to Dobby from Harry Potter for their magical apparence. The Elf is naked and has amazing ears, they are big, very large, wilde, open and curled. They are from the Sphynx family (see the description of the Sphynx).

The Elf cat is unique and has an international success. They are a rare cat and often people don't know this breed. They have a muscular and strong body. These cats are breed with the best lines of the Sphynx. They are energetic, intelligent, friendly, sociable and very affectionate. The Elf is very charming, they are the perfect little loving companion.