The Dwelf is a cat from Mars, he is in the same time a Miniature Sphynx and an Exotic Sphynx. This odd looking breed's name is derived from his Dwarf stature and Elf mix. The Dwelf is a natural breeding program between the Munchkin, the American Curl and the Sphynx, to give to this cat his distinctive look. They  are nude like the Sphynx with a peach skin like suede. The Dwelf ears are curled like the ELf, and they are very small. The characteristics of the Dwelf are short legs like a Bambino. An adult Dwelf typically weighs 1,8 kilos (4 pounds), just less than half of a standard cat. They are kitten size all their life.

The Dwelf has the personality of a dog, they love to interact with people so they make a wonderful family pet. They are extremely rare, the most difficult and highly coveted Sphynx breed in the world. The dwelf cat is perfect for the people who want a very exotic cat.

The Dwelf is smart, affectionate and very sociable. They are easy to adapt to a new place, to live with children and another pets. Everybody will be in love with this incredible breed.