The Bambino is the Miniature Sphynx. Soft like a peach the Bambino will make you smile. These little sluggers are the best combination of little legs and hairless babies. This is a very unusual cat born in 2005 by accident. The first Bambino was breed by crossing hairless Sphynx cats with short legs and Munchkins. The result is incredible, a small cat without hair. Because they are slightly smaller giving them a kitten like look even as adults, they were named Bambino, Italian for Baby.

The Bambino is an exotic miniature version of the Sphynx cat (see description of the Sphynx). You will recognize a Bambino when you see its short legs. They don't have back problems, they are just a little bit lower on the floor than other cats. This new hairless breed is healthy, breeders did a lot of studies for years on the Bambino. This breed is reconised by international feline association for show or as experimental breed.

This cats are rare, exclusive and expensive. An adult Bambino is between 4,4 and 8,8 pounds (2 to 4 kg). We also sometimes have 'Bambino Toy" size who are even if smaller and extremely rare. Their weight is around 3,5 pounds (1,5 kg) adult size.

They are very mysterious and they are known for running, jumping and climbing like other cats.

This little lovely breed is very social and love action. Their small size is not a problem. The Bambino is magical, with the innocence of a child. They are the Gremlins of the XXI century who is never board of love and cuddles.