At first, you might think you have landed on another planet or arrived at a cat nudist colony. Purr Obscure is the cattery full of purring babies, with rare cats that are precious and unique. We breed the Sphynx, also the Foldex, the Persian and the Exotic Shorthair with odd eyes programs.



Hairless cat


Exotic Sphynx with curled ears


 Miniature Sphynx


Miniature Exotic Sphynx with curled ears




Cat with a short muzzle & fold hears


Cat with a short muzzle & long hair


Cat with a short muzzle & short hair

We offer Sphynx, Elf, Bambino and Dwelf cats in all colors as well as rare colors like chocolate and lilac, Point, Mink and Sepia cats (clear blue or green eyes). We have also two programs for blue eyes and odd eyes (one eye yellow or green and one eye blue) for white and bicolor cats.

We may also more extreme looking Sphynx depending on litters, like the Kohana type which is very rare. Sphynx with short muzzles and Sphynx with a lot of wrinkles are more rare and can be important in the selection of a kitten.

We also offer Foldex cats, Persian cats and Exotic Shorthair cats in two programs (white odd eyes and bicolor odd eyes).


Our Purr Obscure cats and kittens grow up in family with a lot of love, they live in the house like pet totally free without cages. They are all breeding standard, completely naked for the Sphynx and the cats of the Sphynx family (hairless cats). They are sociable and very affectionate. The 3 first month of life of our Purr Obscure kittens is extremely important for all the rest of the life of the kitty. Our priorities are the health of each cat with a very serious medical control, the affection received every day, the breeding's standards and the quality. Our kings and queens are tested CMH. All our cats and kittens are pure breed with a pedigree. We delivery a pedigree of each kitten to show the pure blood even if they are sold like pets.

IIn general our kittens are reserved in advance, choosing sex, color, eyes, caracter... So you can have access in priority to rare kittens that are already sold before they are born. A kitten is reserved only when the deposit is received, waiting this the kitten is still available.

How to reserve :

- Contract with signature
- Deposit (500€ or 25% of the price of the kitten),
- When the kitten is born we will share pictures and videos, and if you are nearby you can of course visit us.
- You approve the kitten or you prefer to wait another litter,

We offer the best of the best on the price of the market, of course the price can be different depending on each kitten. It is important to understand the price and the quality, this is to have an idea of the starting prices :

- Sphynx (like pet, without breeding rights) starting 1500€
- Solid Sphynx (only one color) 1700€

- Point/mink/sepia 1800€
- Rare color Sphynx (blue, chocolate, lilac) 2000€
- Odd eyes Sphynx starting 4000€
- Elf cat starting 2500€
- Bambino cat starting 3000€
- Dwelf cat starting 4000€

- Doll Face Persian or Exotic Shorthair starting 1000€

- Foldex, Extrem Persian or Extrem Exotic Shorthair starting 1500€

- Rare color Foldex, Persian or Exotic Shorthair (blue, chocolate, lilac) 2000€

- Odd Eyes Foldex, Persian or Exotic Shorthair starting 4000€

Our clients are people who are looking for a pet and breeders. We sell only to people who loves cats. 
We don't sell to breeders who use cages. It is very important for us that we are sure they have a new lovely home. A first selection is possible with photos and videos.

We are completely available to help you to find your dream kitten. We offer advise and help in any situation even after adoption. We can advise for example how to introduce a new kitten in your home. Our cats are all sociable with another cats, dogs or children. They are perfectly healthy, clean and stable. 

Any adoption for a kitten is in respect of the french law :

- A contract

- Health certification by a veterinary,

- European passeport,
- Full vaccinations,

- The kitten will be neutered before to go if he is sold like pet,
- Microship and the registration at the I-CAD if you are in France,
- A LOOF or TICA pedigree

- Some advises list,

- Food for the fist days.

Delivery : we are based in Paris but also we work in Canada and in Russia. We can organise a courrier everywhere in France and in all the world, worldwild shipping (ask us prices).